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One of the main goals of the Museum has been to help the general public gain a better appreciation of the importance of language.  In furtherance of this goal, together with the College of Charleston, in 2005 the NML sponsored the creation of a radio series entitled “Talkin’ About Talk.”   Created by Dr. E. M. Rickerson, this series has just been given the prestigious  “Linguistics, Language and the Public” award for 2006 by the Linguistic Society of America.

As a follow on to the radio series, Dr. Rickerson and his colleague Barry Hilton then developed the radio scripts into a fascinating book entitled The 5 Minute Linguist:  Bite-sized Essays on Language and Languages.  This innovative book is aimed at bringing up-to-date knowledge to the student and general reader alike. Deborah Tannen, Professor of Linguistics at Georgetown University described The 5 Minute Linguist as follows:

“What a gift to those who love language and those who are simply curious about it!  Leading experts each tackle an intriguing question, and explain it in straightforward, delightful prose.  Read it from cover to cover or keep it by your bed to dip into for endless fascination.”

The book can be ordered from the David Brown Book Co.  at www.oxbowbooks.com or from Amazon Books at www.amazon.com .

One further note:  A second edition of the “Talking About Talk” CDs is now ready.  The updated version deletes references to the (now historical) “Year of Languages” and sports labels in a color scheme that reflects the colors of the The 5 Minute Linguist book.  This updated edition can be ordered from the College of Charleston at www.cofc.edu/linguist


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