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This is an artist's rendition of the future building of the National Museum of Language

Upcoming events

Read about the new NML exhibit now being developed: Emerging American Language in 1812

Themes of the Museum

Language in Society Under the major theme of Language in Society the Museum will address language from the point of view of our everyday experiences with language.  To look at language anew through the windows of Linguistics, Education, Literature, Translation and Interpretation, History, Religion, Law, Commerce, and Diplomacy will give a richer appreciation of the ways in which we use language.

Languages of the World Museum exhibits and programs on Languages of the World will present an unparalleled opportunity for the language lover. The goal of showing the scripts of hundreds of languages, accompanied by audio and visual exhibits showing speakers in action and the areas of the world where each language is written and spoken will bring languages alive as never before. The visitor will learn about Language Families, the Evolution of Languages, Specific Languages, the Linguistic Heritage of America, and Endangered Languages.

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