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Mission Statement

Our Vision: Before the establishment of the National Museum of Language, there was no single well-known, easily identifiable institution that is open to the general public in the entire field of language and linguistics.

To Educate and Inform

If there is to be a genuine effort to educate and inform all those who have an interest or who need to have a better understanding of some aspect of language that effort must be made as authoritatively as possible, with a high level of visibility. The time is past when only the academic community must be involved in the world of language. Various circles are endeavoring to reach out beyond their own immediate constituencies, but their undertakings do not have the impact or the range of audience that will be possible through a national institution.

A National Forum

The National Museum of Language brings together diverse language circles - academic, governmental, social, business, scientific, literary, technological - and provides a forum through which they can communicate effectively, focusing attention on language as it relates to all aspects of life, human development and human history.